What size is considered plus size?

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In December 2020, Vogue Business stated that "in the UK, the average woman’s clothes size is 18". However, according to Ibisworld (June 2021), they state that "businesses in the this industry retail plus size women's clothing, which is for women that wear clothes size 14 and above".

Ok, so that's already a little confusing right? But let's keep going shall we?!

Within the fashion industry, especially when you look at modelling agencies, the rule is that plus size is considered to be any woman wearing a size 10 upwards and with the rise of influencers through social media and brand marketing, the term mid-sized has now been coined, which is being used to describe women who wear sizes between 10 - 16. Now if this isn't frustrating, then I don't know what is! So the question stands, what size is considered plus size in the UK?

Over here at ADINA MONETTE, we believe that plus size does actually start from a size 14, however we start at a size 16. When looking at other retailers which span to luxury, high street and independent, the majority tend to stop at a size 14/16.... Let's be honest, you're incredibly lucky if you see a size 16 in some of those retailers!

Even though this is where we stand, it still doesn't answer the question. If the average woman in the UK, according to Vogue Business is wearing a size 18, does that mean a size 18 should no longer be considered as plus size? Does it mean that a size 20 is now the start of the plus size? and any woman wearing under this size is now considered mid-size?

It just seems like the bar is always moving to exclude plus size woman from feeling "normal" in society. There would have been a time, not so long ago when a size 18 would have been considered one of the bigger sizes a woman could be but now its average.

So with all this being said, who the hell knows what size is considered plus size anymore!!!

All we know is that, no matter your dress size, you should feel happy, confident and comfortable in whatever you wear!


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