Starting Off On The Right Foot!

Firstly Happy New Year!!!

Now, we all know how much a of a car crash the entire year of 2020 was for everyone, fingers crossed 2021 will go a lot smoother, as it goes without saying how much we need it too!

There’s already been a good sign that we’re starting off on the right foot and if you have no idea what we’re talking about then where have you been? But in all fairness, this only happened on Friday and has been plastered all over social media this past weekend, even we got involved and created our first Instagram reel out of pure excitement!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re only talking about Callie Thorpe on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK!!!!!

If you don’t know who Callie is, She’s a plus size blogger, who has a space on the internet called “The Confidence Corner” and keeps us up to date with the comedic punch lines from her Granch/Grancha Ronnie (grandad in welsh), not to mention when we were allowed to fly, Callie and her husband Dan create dreamy travel clips, that just make want to hop on a plane ASAP!

Now that you know who Callie is, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the feature. Callie is one of 11 women who speak on “why wellness doesn’t have to be one size fits all”, Cosmopolitan UK take the personal journeys of 11 different women with different body shapes on how they are reclaiming “healthy” as their own.

The spread also features plus size model Jada Sezer and yoga teacher Jessamyn (both you can also find on Instagram and other social media).

All three of the women mention having experienced some form a fatphobic comments (which is not unusually for plus size women), they also talk about how they’ve moved forward and what “healthy” is for them!

This feature has come at a great time, as we are so programmed into thinking ‘new year, new me’, which can be taken as the start of a new year’s diet and we are in undated with weight loss articles, tv programmes on how to lose weight well or properly and not to mention the discounted gym memberships (although gyms are currently closed). It’s nice to see a feature about health from different women, because we’re sure you know that just because you may be overweight doesn’t mean you are necessarily unhealthy.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong if you feel like a diet or a cleanse is the best way for you to start the new year after the festive period, but just know it’s not the only way!

So that’s it from our first post, we hope you enjoyed the read.

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See you at our next post!



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