Our Top 10 Plus Size Instagram You Need To Follow!

So we're going to jump straight in, no hanging around here!

In no particular order....................

Aylah Williams - @aylahkarine

So Aylah Williams is plus size model, currently with a smaller following, but she is one of our top models to watch. We’re pretty sure over the remainder of the year you’ll be seeing her face a lot more!

Roxana Reyes - @theroxyreyes

Now Roxy has been around for good while...... you may have seen her featured in a certain Kardashian Sisters denim brand (no names but you know who and which brand!). She been in Nike campaigns you may have also seen. One thing that makes her standout is that she's a badass weight lifter in the gym, a true fitness enthusiast as well as a stylish babe!

Abisola Omole - @abimarvel

Oh gosh, where do we start with Abi!

First off, so chic in everything she wears. Abi is a creative director for Studio Arva & Arva Stories, so you already know her feed is as dreamy as anything! It's so nice to her at the forefront as she gives so much insight to things such as beauty, interiors, hotels and her insta stories featuring her family are always fun to watch, definitely check out!

Kellie Brown - @itsmekellieb

So Kellie isn't just on your IG, you read that right! she's also on YouTube! She has a channel called and I get dressed, where she does styling hauls, outfits of the week, etc. We love her style, it's super vibrant and fun and always pushing clashing print.

Ruvimbo - @ruvxmbo

Ruvimbo is a singer songwriter who also covers all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

What we love about her is that she's not afraid to show body and she does it in the most sensual, sexy way! We look forward to seeing much more of feed.

Bella Cohen @isabellecoheen

Best known for being a fashion model, Bella's gram will have you in a choke hold (not literally lol), but the girl's got a good feed! Also style is quite minimal so easy to follow along with if that's more your style and great Inspo if you're looking for a new minimalist babe!

Meyrem - @meyremsfirst

Netherlands base influencer Meyrem is literally blowing up for a fashion shoots of her mum which were all taken on her balcony! Imagine having such a stylist mum willing to take photos all the time.

Now Meyrem on her own is super stylist, have an amazing trainer collection and a unique style of her own which is to die for. On her feed you'll see lots of work with her mum and personal work and lovely stories of her son Nori. So if you're looking for a down to earth mum to follow, she's your girl.

Candice Brathwaite - @candicebrathwaite

Ok ok, lets jump into Candice! Now you can't mention Candice without mentioning

Papa B!!! The two of them are gold on her socials and so relatable.

Now lets get into to the fashion darlings....... Candice's fashion style is ON POINT. If you didn't see her wedding dresses, then stop reading this and go and look on her feed.... like right now.... go .... we'll be here when you come back lol. But seriously, she's not afraid to mix it, the bolder and brighter is her go too, don't get it twisted though she can do minimal chic too. So definitely someone you need to follow.

Sakina - @sakina_bnch

Moroccan heritage, Parisian bored and raised now Swedish living non influencer babe is Sakina! Wow what a sentence aye. But no lies were told. Sakina just does this gram thing for fun. Her style is tom boy based mixed with grown women sophistication and were here for it completely. Sakina has a really nice mix on her feed, also like Meyrem her trainer game is crazy and we love that!

Simi - @simimoonlight

If again you're looking for a colour base feed, Simi's your girl...... There is no colour that she cannot pull off. When it comes to colour palettes and matching she's got it on lock. Like don't even question her! Every post is fire and you'll find something that will inspire you totally. Simi was recently on a little baecation and it was giving us all the feels!

So that's it ladies. This is our top 10 plus size Instagrams you need to follow. We hoped you've enjoyed this read and if you have anyone that you'd like us to check out or think we should do this again in a few months time, drop us a comment !

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