Ok, Insecure’s finished. Now what?!?!

Like so many, watching the different seasons of Insecure just became part life.

As the show recently came to an end with an incredible season 5, we thought it was only right to rewatch the show from the very beginning!

We won’t do a breakdown of each season, however we’re definitely going to pin point a few highlights, so let’s get going……

Let’s just get this out the way, the show is full of sexual scenes and sexual commentary! But we get it because the guys ok the show are top tier 🤪. Who’s your favourite love interest in the show? Ours is a between Nathan, Andrew and Derek…. Lawrence doesn’t count, because, you know it’s Lawrence ! Tell us in the comments who was your favourite and why 😊.

For us, Nathan entered the show is cheeky/funny and really grabbed our attention because he was so different from the other guys Issa dated. Andrew would have actually been good for new Molly, however he had some issues too lol. Other than that he had good energy and bought a different dynamic to the cast and Derek… boy oh boy what can we say!

He did so much for Tiff and Simone. It was heartbreaking to watch him worry about tiff in season 4 when she was going through postpartum depression. Derek was such an all round good guy how could you not love him!

You know so much happened in season 4. One of the main things that does stand out is Issa going through her growing pains. We

know that part of the season was so relatable to so many and if you missed it, 100% go back and rewatch, there’s so many life lessons and learning that take place, you may have a lightbulb moment!

We loved the fact that during the last season that all four of the ladies really came into their own, with work and personal life. If you were looking from season 1, you’d never think Molly would get married by the end, let alone to Taurean! Derek and Tiff move, Kelly’s pregnant 🤰🏽. Now could dive into the whole plus size women finding love or having a love interest and being happy last out of the group, but that’s for another blog!!! Let’s not forget Issa ending up with Lawrence, it was meant to be!

With all that’s been said and watched, we’re so incredibly sad to see Insecure go…. What are we going to watch now?!?!?!

This show has been a sound track to most of our lives and we know you feel the same.

We’d love to talk more about the show so please comment with thoughts!

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